Is Batman v Superman Bad?

It’s been over a week since BvS Dawn of Justice was released and the reception has been less than super. Rotten Tomatoes has given the superhero flick a whopping 29%. There have been many critics who’ve shared their disdain for the film and some have even called it a flop. But is wasn’t a flop. I mean, it opened with 166 million its first weekend and ranked fourth of all time with a worldwide debut of $422.5 million. Surely that must mean something? Hey, this negativity may even add to the sales as people will want to see what the hype is about.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.07.20 AM.png

I know with a title like “Batman versus Superman” a crowd will be drawn, but the numbers don’t lie and the audience had a very mixed reception as well. A major issue people had with it was that it was “too dark and wasn’t fun”. Director Zack Snyder and company were trying to ground the film and touched on many deeper themes, while going for a particular tone. One of the major influences was The Dark Knight Returns, which created a very dark and chaotic world with an aged Batman and a government controlled Superman. So, it make sense that this film adaptation would follow suit.


DC has had a bad run for its take on characters for the big screen and while this film is different stylistically and tonally from those of the Marvel Universe, it works for what it is. Batfleck was amazing and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was far better than anything I could have hoped for. Now, the bigger stage for the DC Universe has been set as the Justice League begins to form and take on bigger threats. As Lex proclaimed, “The bell has been rung.

Maybe it’s the fanboy in me who was just excited to see his favorite characters on the big screen or maybe it was a different but decent film. Either way, Dawn of Justice is worth a watch to decide for yourself.



Walking Dead #141 Review

Walking Dead 141 01

This issue picks up with Rick finishing up his route between the communities and heading back to Alexandria to some unwarranted news. Let’s check out what happened in our favorite zombie themed comic.

Walking Dead 141 06

So right off the bat, Rick has a surprise meeting with Dwight who’s been having concerns regarding his role as leader. He doesn’t want the position anymore as head honcho of the Sanctuary. This interaction between Rick and Dwight already creates a major difference in the characters. While Dwight assumed power following Negan and now wanted Rick to choose the next leader, Rick thought what most good leaders would, and proposed an election. This whole issue focused a lot on how Rick has to be better or as he puts it, more capable than the rest. He has to make the higher decisions. The tough ones that may not be the popular opinion but the overall right thing to do to keep society going. We also go to see that the people of the Sanctuary are still not liked. I suppose it makes sense but you’d think the time and changes would affect their incorporation into society.

Walking Dead 141 10

The highlight of this issue however was the payoff of for the big reveal of last issue: Negan was free from his cell. What would he do? How many would he murder in Rick’s absence? Would he try to escape or take a hostage? Short answer is no, none of the above. When Rick finds Negan calmly waiting in his unlocked cell, he immediately assumes the worst and this is where we get to see Negan at his finest. You can’t help but love Negan’s style and attitude. While he explains he did nothing to begin building trust between the two, Rick still destroys any hope Negan has of establishing that and the age old question arises once again. Why is Negan alive?

Walking Dead 141 12

Of course Rick gives Olivia, who was responsible, a tongue lashing and is entirely upset with the situation but why not kill Negan so this can never happen? His conversation with Andrea, which was very soap boxy, explains how he has to be more capable than others to keep things together essentially. While Andrea sees and understands that for Rick’s just reasoning, Negan thinks otherwise, describing Rick’s decision as a means to justify that he is not the monster he may believe himself to be. I thought those to contrasts were great points and both just as valid when looking back throughout the series.

Walking Dead 141 21

While Rick is taking the high road to keep the community from destroying itself from the inside out, Maggie does quite the opposite. I’m sure her decision to execute her inept assassin will have lasting consequences at the Hilltop. People are already starting to distrust her and her actions and this will only cause more chaos as the story unfolds.

Walking Dead 141 22

Look for Issue #142 to continue following the events of Rick and company and of course, updates from Negan’s Cock Fan Club.



The Walking Dead 413 “Alone” Review

Episode 13 “Alone” follows the stories of honeymooners Beth and Daryl, and trio Bob, Maggie, and Sasha. I’ll break the episode down into two parts:

Bob, Maggie, and Sasha

The episode starts with a flashback with Bob before he joins the prison. I loved this since we haven’t seen much of Bob before he arrived. He was really lost beforehand and resorted to drinking cough syrup to get his fix. Fast forward to the present, Bob seems to be a changed man. He is optimistic and has really found a family in Maggie and Sasha.

The main beats of their episode were based around Sasha’s irrational rationality (if that makes sense), Maggie’s hopeful optimism, and Bob’s desire to stay together. Of course Maggie wants to find Glenn and assumes he would go to the sanctuary Terminus. Sasha’s disputes are reasonable to argue. How do they know Glenn made it out of the prison, let alone is even alive at that point? There is no guarantee that Terminus is even a “sanctuary” either. It could be deserted or full of cannibals.

I don’t understand why Sasha is so afraid, however. Tyreese is her last tie to the lost world so why wouldn’t she want to search for him however illogical? After Maggie ditches the crew to head to Terminus alone, it’s up to Bob to convince Sasha to chase after her. Although he fails to do so and eventually splits with Sasha, we learn a lot about him. He desperately wants to stay together having been alone and the lone survivor of two camps already. He’s found a family and has faith that they will find others while Sasha’s thrown in the towel. Her character was frustrating to watch this episode. When is it ever a good idea in a zombie apocalypse to decide to live on your own?! Finding Maggie amidst the zombies outside the building leads to a great action scene and the two heading out to reunite with Bob.

Beth and Daryl


Their half of the episode revolved around faith in humanity. The two find a funeral home where someone has been tending to the dead, restoring them to a more human-like appearance, and then burying them. Beth sees this as a sign that there are still good people in the world and their stay in the vacant funeral home brings out the nice side of Daryl again. I like their friendship/relationship although the age difference is creepy. Daryl seems to attract initially weak, softer women who become strong female characters. Their alone time is definitely bringing them closer as Daryl becomes less of a tough hard ass. Beth’s optimism is refreshing juxtaposed to Daryl’s realism.

This was a short lived “romance”.

While it was nice while it lasted, Daryl stupidly opens the door letting in a horde of zombies. The action scene was great but Daryl escapes to see Beth get kidnapped. Eventually the same group who raided Rick’s house a few episodes ago find Daryl at a crossroad, literal and metaphorical, and offer him a position in their group. I believe Daryl will stay with them long enough to find Beth but it will be interesting to see if he will return to his old ways or if he’ll stay the anti-hero we’ve come to love.

Notable Zombie Kill Scenes

  • The Fog scene. A great homage to classic horror movie scenes with the crew surrounded with little visibility by death.

  •  Maggie no parking kills. Remember to abide the law, even during the apocalypse.

Some Thoughts

  • Why doesn’t Maggie care about other important people from the prison like, let’s say her sister?
  • Where have Rick and Carl been the last two episodes?
  • Who was running the Funeral Home?
  • The show is obviously building up to a reunion at Terminus and the finale needs to solidify the build up.

I’m going to start reviewing the remainder of season four of The Walking Dead.

Images from AMC’s The Walking Dead. I do not own the rights nor claim them. 

Injustice Year Two Review

Injustice is back! After a short break period, Injustice picks up in Year Two with a flash back. Chapter 1, entitled Third Wheel, starts with Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Green Lantern as they finish a mission. We see the trio in the past visiting a bar sometime before Superman changed. Bruno Redondo did a great job in the opening issue. The artwork was beautifully drawn and the facial expressions of the characters were humorous. Although Green Arrow was killed by Superman, we still get another chance to see his humor and interactions with other heroes. Green Arrow will definitely be missed.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 001-012

The issue jumps back to the present as the heroes take time to bury the dead. Arrow’s funeral was definitely a reminder that there will be losses in the war and sides must be chosen. Green Lantern is no longer a third wheel and still sides with Superman. After a conflict with Superman, we find out that Canary is with child and working with Oracle. I like that even at Ollie’s funeral, Superman remains on guard and for a moment, he almost destroys Black Canary. The first chapter focused a lot on characterization and wasn’t very action oriented but that was fine. We saw a lot of interaction between old friends and new foes.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 001-021

What is Black Canary up to now that Batman is sidelined?

The second chapter, Fear, was not as strong as the opener. Superman visits Gotham, we find out what happened to Batman, and Kyle Rayner makes his way back to Earth. Superman’s visit with Commissioner Gordon was of little substance as Superman desperately tries to locate Batman. Even in his condition, Superman realizes Batman is still a dangerous threat to his cause. Bruce is healing in Dr. Fate’s tower thanks to Zatanna. Lastly, Kyle Rayner, who was away on GL business makes his way back home but is intercepted by Sinestro. The title Fear comes into play as Sinestro’s Corps instills said emotion in Rayner, resulting in the Green Lantern’s death. I did not understand this at all. Sinestro wants to ally himself with Superman as he sees how Superman is changing but why kill Rayner? He could have sided with Superman’s cause and been an ally like, I don’t know, Hal Jordan! There’s no way of knowing which side he would have chosen after arriving on Earth. This was our first time seeing these characters in the Injustice comic and for some this will be their only stint.


All in all, the first glimpse back into the Injustice world featured a lot of character driven stories and slowly built to a bit of action. Redondo’s artwork looks great in both chapters and the facial expressions were accurate. With Batman out of commission, Black Canary assembles her own team and it looks like the eyes of those outside of Earth (the Guardians) are watching Superman closely. While some questions from the end of Year One were answered, many still remain unknown so be sure to pick up the next issue. Side note, the issues seem to be coming out monthly instead of weekly (digitally).


  • Great Artwork and focus on character interactions
  • More Green Arrow
  • Lack of Substance/Direction in Fear

Walking Dead 119 Review

The Walking Dead 119 coverThe war against the Saviors rages on as this comic focuses on the aftermath of Rick’s and Ezekiel’s raids on the outposts. This issue isn’t action heavy but serves to show the falling action. It begins with Rick and Jesus start out piling up the men they lost and converse about their actions. Jesus comments on whether or not the Walkers are “laughing” at the living as they kill each other, making it easier for them to feed. He brings forth a legitimate question as the living continue to fight and kill each other, leaving the dead to pick at their remains. Jesus seems to hint at the idea of trying to resolve issues other ways since more and more people end up dying for a cause that may be lost. Speaking of those lost, Aaron, a member of Rick’s community, is suffering from the loss of his lover during the attack. It interesting to see the scorn of someone who was once a cheerful character.

RIP Shiva

While Rick’s group experienced very little causalities, Ezekiel suffered major losses during his unsuccessful raid. As we saw in the last issue, Ezekiel lost his companion, a zombie eating tiger named Shiva. He spills his heart to Michonne, revealing he hadn’t lost any family during the outbreak since he wasn’t close with his mother or father. Since Shiva was his closest companion and he basically led his men into a slaughter, he decided who could not go on and lead anyone. Luckily, Michonne did exactly what I was thinking as I read it and punched him. She tries to talk some sense into him but he seems to be deep in grief. Ezekiel is becoming more human as the pages move forward and his persona and theatrics diminish. Shiva’s death has left him distraught and weak during a time when men need to be led to battle. The King has fallen of his horse, well in this case, his tiger.

The Walking Dead 119-Michone

We pick up with Carl and Andrea discussing patrols when Rick and crew return. Although Carl is a tough, gun-wielding bad ass now, you can tell he’s still just kid who missed his father as he scolds Rick for being late. Carl hasn’t had much time to be a kid during this war and I don’t believe he wants to but its clear he wishes things could be less dangerous. Rick is informed of Ezekiel’s failed attack and calls a council meeting for briefing. I like how even though Rick has just returned, he’s quick to plan out the next move.

The Walking Dead 119-014

No breaks if Negan has the chance to bring the fight to them. And then…

The Walking Dead 119-016

Speak of the Devil, Negan brings the house down! At first he appears to offer peace with Rick and even releases Holly back to the community but things turn south fast.

The Walking Dead 119-022

The issue started off slow and finished with a bang as the Saviors are on the attack now. Rick and crew may suffer some major causalities with Negan right at their doorstep.