Your Favorite Mothers from Game of Thrones

Mother’s are so vital to a child’s upbringing. They nurture, protect, and love those near and dear. In the world of Game of Thrones, those ladies do that and then something.

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the very loving and not so loving mothers of Westeros.


Lioness of Lannisport

Chronic Bitchface


Cersei Lannister can be called many things but at her core, she is a strong mother who only wants the best for her kids. Sure she allows her maniacal murderous child to do as he pleased but that wasn’t her fault! Joffrey took was a special child that only a Mother like Cersei could love and she sure did.

She was always about making sure her family was okay and protecting their right to the throne. This season’s arc for her character makes that clear as she attempts to keep Tommen close and out of the clutches of those Flowers from Highgarden and other threats.

While she may be a megalomaniac, crazy, bitter former Queen, she’ll always be a lioness trying to protect her cubs.

Catelyn Stark

The Stark family is almost unanimously loved because of Ned, Arya, and Jon but we can’t forget about Catelyn. She is a devoted mother and is extremely protective of her children. When Bran was pushed out of the tower, she never left his side. I mean, she’s all about her family. Roughing the King’s Road to warn Ned, taking Tyrion hostage to await trial in the Eerie, practically raising Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy, Catelyn is a great matriarch figure.

In the first three seasons, she plays a pivotal role in not only urging Ned(RIP) to Kings Landing but easing tensions between the Freys and Starks. She is a key council member for Robb as he battles in the Riverlands, offering advice, strategy, and anything else. Although her pleas and words were left unheard in the end, she still did all she could to protect and save her family. The North Remembers as does Lady Stoneheart.


Mother of Dragons

Daenerys Targaryen may not be a biological mother to her children, except, say, her dragons, but that does not change the fact that she is a mother to all who are subjugated.

“Leave me alone Mom!”

She is known for her kind yet fierce nature from the very beginning of the show. She quickly owns the role of Queen of the Khalasar and protects the innocent, young, old, and needy. This may have backfired with the old Maegi but Khaleesi is always looking out for those in need.


Maybe it is because she can no longer birth children but mother-like love for all those in bondage in Essos makes her a standout mother figure. She literally goes to war for her children and those children love their Mhysa for that. The Targ Queen may be having a tough time this season dealing with the Sons of the Harpy but she will always have the love of her freed sons and daughters. Hopefully.




Game of Thrones 401 Two Swords Review

Game of Thrones has finally returned after a year long break. The premiere “Two Swords” picks up right after the events of the third season following the Red Wedding. We’ll look at the episode based on locations.


Kings Landing


The majority of the episode took place in the capital where most believe the war to be over. With Robb Stark dead, Stannis smashed at the Blackwater, and Renly dead, the War of the Five Kings is all but over. The episode begins with the reforging of House Stark’s Valyrian steel sword, Ice. This was a tough scene to watch as the family sword of the House Stark is transformed into two swords for House Lannister. Although it hasn’t been highlighted much in the show, Valyrian steel forged swords are extremely rare and the Lannisters have been without one for centuries. Lord Tywin finally gets something he’s desired to add to the Lannister legacy and it reminds us how evil he is. (melting down what little remained of House Stark and destroying their own legacy)

“You’re too late”

Jamie has finally returned to the city and can resume his old life, or so he thought. Cersei has all but forsaken Jamie for “abandoning her” in her in her time of need. Their relationship will be rocky throughout the season and will only deteriorate as Jamie tries to become a better man and Cersei, well, becomes a lunatic. Jamie also has to adjust to his new gold hand and sword, Oathkeeper. I like how Jamie is slowly becoming a better person to create a better legacy and name for himself in the White Book. It was a nice nod to see the historical book of the Kingsguard referenced and was even nicer seeing Joffrey acknowledge Jamie’s lack of notable deeds.

“The Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts”

The Red Viper was introduced and we get a glimpse as to why he has arrived in King’s Landing in place of his brother, Doran Martell. Oberyn will be seeking justice for past crimes unanswered for which will surely stir things up in the city. Oberyn is definitely one of my favorite characters and his vendetta against the Lannisters is one reason why!


The North

Jon Snow has matured a lot since we last saw, although he still knows nothing. He’s hardened and is no longer a green boy who joined the Night’s Watch. After learning of his brother’s death, he responds very indifferently. Shortly after, Snow meets with the council of the Night’s Watch to discuss his actions with the wildlings. Janos Slynt is at now at the wall (thanks to Tyrion) and Alliser Thorne has returned so Jon now has two enemies to look out for. I like how Jon spoke truthfully and was honest about everything he did and what was to come in the future. The Wall may be in trouble when the wildlings arrive. The old and wise Maester Aemon had some sweet lines during the council meeting which brought about some laughter in my apartment.


The Riverlands

We learned the Hound is taking Arya to the Eerie to ransom her to her aunt Lysa. I have to say their scenes are great! The Hound saying “What the fuck is a Lommy?” was hilarious!! Arya got to cross one name off of her hit list (Polliver) and his death was a nice nod to how Polliver killed Lommy. Although it was brief, everything from the battle to the two conversing in the bushes was amazing. They could have their own mini-series. I’d definitely watch “The Adventures of Arya and the Hound”!



Things had a much slower pace than how the show usually is but the momentum will pick up with the feuding Martells and Tyrells in King’s Landing, the wildlings dilemma escalating in the North, and the Purple Wedding right around in the corner.

“Fuck the King.”

8/10 Chickens


6 Reasons Why You Should Read The Books Before Watching Game of Thrones

Books are wonderful, magical things, that transport us into completely different worlds. There are people who don’t read often and there are people who are awesome. BE AWESOME. TV and Film adaptations of books often don’t live up to the book or do them complete justice. Here are some of the reasons why you should read the books before watching its adaptation.

6.  You learn the Background History

There are always so many details in books and most have years of history woven into the stories. In A Song of Ice and Fire, there are literally thousands of years of history. Old Valyria, the legends of the Children of the Forest, the Andals, the Targaryen conquest, Robert’s Rebellion are all very important historical events or people that have influenced the show thus far. There are many interactions where characters discuss these tales in length so we can learn more about this fantasy world and while the show tries to cover most of the history, there is no way they could do that in the time frame allotted.

5. You notice the changes from book to screen

That is NOT Jeyne Westerling!

While the first season is pretty spot on with A Game of Thrones, the second and third season skew off course often. Characters’ paths change and chapters become merged when filmed. For example, Edric Storm, Robert Baratheon’s bastard doesn’t make it to the screen. His character is merged with Gendry’s. Tyrion is much uglier in the books and the characters are much younger. (as in appearance wise for their ages. What 16 looks like Richard Madden?) When you read the books, you notice the little things that are different on the show and get to decipher why.

4.  You care more for the characters. 

Characterization is such a vital aspect of stories. You come to care more for the characters since you invested so much time reading their backstories and you feel as though you are there with them. Even the characters you’ve come to hate, you’ll care more about them more since you’re basically in their head.

3.  You envision and create your own depictions

The best part about reading beforehand is you create your own versions of what everything looks and sounds like. There is no standard for what the characters look like. If you just watch the show, you wouldn’t know that Daario Naharis has a purple beard! But really, the greatest part is envisioning the characters, as in your versions, interacting. The creators did a great job with the appearance of most of the characters but nothing beats your own interpretations.

2. Inner Monologues are golden

Jon Snow inner monologue?

Jon Snow inner monologue?

Film and TV emphasize showing not saying so it’s hard to display the inner monologues the characters have. The actors try their best through expressing emotions and the writers try creative ways to show the same result but I love when the character is figuring out something in their head. Knowing exactly what they’re thinking and how much they know is great as it helps us learn more about the nature of the character and reveals information to move the plot.  

1.  Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue

If you’re like me and you watched GoT with your friends, you probably missed a lot of the dialogue. I had to watch the series all over again by myself to pick up everything that was said and to figure out what was going on. Because each episode is only an hour, much of the dialogue in the book is cut out or squeezed to fit in. The show brings up many interesting parts of the stories but either not enough light is shed upon them or the scene quickly changes.

Valar morghullis.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Preview

Although Game of Thrones doesn’t return until April 6th, HBO is still giving us a nice preview of what’s to come. Take a look at what some of your favorite cast members have to say about their characters, the new season, and their favorite parts of the show.


So Season Four will definitely be epic. The latter half of A Storm of Swords after the Red Wedding has even bigger battles and character conflicts. I think everyone agreed upon that! Lets go through some of the notable highlights of the preview.


The Wall

Jon Snow is back at Castle Black as Mance Rayder and the Wildling army look to continue their path south. ASOS had a very detailed account of the battle and the show looks like it will depict the standoff well. Sam and Jon’s relationship seems to have change a little as well.  That may be on account of their paths after they separated at the Fist. Winter is coming and Jon Snow will become the unlikely leader to save the North.



Dead Man Walking?

One of my favorite characters in Game of Thrones is the little Lannister with a big mouth. His wit and humor are always enjoyable but his wit may not get him out of this trouble. Will Tyrion prove his innocence in the trial or will he be proven guilty and killed? I also saw an unlikely alliance forming as the Red Viper of Dorne seeks vengeance for crimes of the past.


Mother of Dragons 

Daenarys Targaryen is gaining her strength and forces across the sea but there is trouble with such large numbers. Her followers grow weary as the Mother of Dragons must figure out what type of leader she shall be.


This is my favorite show on television right now because of how it continues to excel, sticking close to the source material while making changes here and there for it to stand out. Be sure to watch the premiere of Season Four on April 6th.

“Valar Morghullis”

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer

GoTYesterday, HBO released the first trailer for Season Four of Game of Thrones.  First off, everything looks amazing. Heres the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

Now, I’m currently reading a Clash of Kings so this won’t have any spoilers. 

The first shot of a city with the shadow of a dragon looked epic and the threat of the Mother of Dragon continues to grow. I love her character and Clarke does a great job in the role. She is compassionate while fierce and stern when need be. Season Three left off with Danaerys now gaining an entire city of newly freed slaves. It’ll be interesting to see where she heads next.


There is also a gigantic wedding that will take place in Season Four. King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell will wed in this season and I’m sure that will serve as a distraction to the chaos. Joffrey is such a hatable dude. Everything he does or says I just despise. Jack Gleeson is excellent and portrays the character very true to the books. A notable Martell will be in attendance and has some words with Tyrion. Speaking of the Imp, Tyrion seems to be in some sort of trouble. Well, he’s always in some trouble but this one is different. Will he finally meet his demise? He now has two main squeezes. Shae, the prostitute, and Sansa Stark, the oldest Stark that remains.

Jaime, the one-handed Kingslayer, is going to be fitted with a golden hand. Are the Lannisters really that rich? What I really want to see in Season Four is the path that Arya and Jon Snow take. Arya is losing family members left and right and there aren’t that many Starks left. Although we haven’t really seen many Wildling and Crow conflicts, the trailer showed an ensuing battle. Jon has people he cares for on both sides and last we saw so we’ll see where he really stands. Last we saw of Snow, he suffered serious wounds due to his girlfriend shooting him in the back. Tough Love. “You know nothing John Snuhh” 


Author George R.R. Martin said that there will be an even bigger battle to take place this time around so that should great. Let it be noted that the Show runners have strayed away from the source material for Season Three and Season Four may follow that trend. We’ll just have to wait and see when Game of Thrones returns on April 6th.