Walking Dead #141 Review

Walking Dead 141 01

This issue picks up with Rick finishing up his route between the communities and heading back to Alexandria to some unwarranted news. Let’s check out what happened in our favorite zombie themed comic.

Walking Dead 141 06

So right off the bat, Rick has a surprise meeting with Dwight who’s been having concerns regarding his role as leader. He doesn’t want the position anymore as head honcho of the Sanctuary. This interaction between Rick and Dwight already creates a major difference in the characters. While Dwight assumed power following Negan and now wanted Rick to choose the next leader, Rick thought what most good leaders would, and proposed an election. This whole issue focused a lot on how Rick has to be better or as he puts it, more capable than the rest. He has to make the higher decisions. The tough ones that may not be the popular opinion but the overall right thing to do to keep society going. We also go to see that the people of the Sanctuary are still not liked. I suppose it makes sense but you’d think the time and changes would affect their incorporation into society.

Walking Dead 141 10

The highlight of this issue however was the payoff of for the big reveal of last issue: Negan was free from his cell. What would he do? How many would he murder in Rick’s absence? Would he try to escape or take a hostage? Short answer is no, none of the above. When Rick finds Negan calmly waiting in his unlocked cell, he immediately assumes the worst and this is where we get to see Negan at his finest. You can’t help but love Negan’s style and attitude. While he explains he did nothing to begin building trust between the two, Rick still destroys any hope Negan has of establishing that and the age old question arises once again. Why is Negan alive?

Walking Dead 141 12

Of course Rick gives Olivia, who was responsible, a tongue lashing and is entirely upset with the situation but why not kill Negan so this can never happen? His conversation with Andrea, which was very soap boxy, explains how he has to be more capable than others to keep things together essentially. While Andrea sees and understands that for Rick’s just reasoning, Negan thinks otherwise, describing Rick’s decision as a means to justify that he is not the monster he may believe himself to be. I thought those to contrasts were great points and both just as valid when looking back throughout the series.

Walking Dead 141 21

While Rick is taking the high road to keep the community from destroying itself from the inside out, Maggie does quite the opposite. I’m sure her decision to execute her inept assassin will have lasting consequences at the Hilltop. People are already starting to distrust her and her actions and this will only cause more chaos as the story unfolds.

Walking Dead 141 22

Look for Issue #142 to continue following the events of Rick and company and of course, updates from Negan’s Cock Fan Club.




Your Favorite Mothers from Game of Thrones

Mother’s are so vital to a child’s upbringing. They nurture, protect, and love those near and dear. In the world of Game of Thrones, those ladies do that and then something.

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the very loving and not so loving mothers of Westeros.


Lioness of Lannisport

Chronic Bitchface


Cersei Lannister can be called many things but at her core, she is a strong mother who only wants the best for her kids. Sure she allows her maniacal murderous child to do as he pleased but that wasn’t her fault! Joffrey took was a special child that only a Mother like Cersei could love and she sure did.

She was always about making sure her family was okay and protecting their right to the throne. This season’s arc for her character makes that clear as she attempts to keep Tommen close and out of the clutches of those Flowers from Highgarden and other threats.

While she may be a megalomaniac, crazy, bitter former Queen, she’ll always be a lioness trying to protect her cubs.

Catelyn Stark

The Stark family is almost unanimously loved because of Ned, Arya, and Jon but we can’t forget about Catelyn. She is a devoted mother and is extremely protective of her children. When Bran was pushed out of the tower, she never left his side. I mean, she’s all about her family. Roughing the King’s Road to warn Ned, taking Tyrion hostage to await trial in the Eerie, practically raising Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy, Catelyn is a great matriarch figure.

In the first three seasons, she plays a pivotal role in not only urging Ned(RIP) to Kings Landing but easing tensions between the Freys and Starks. She is a key council member for Robb as he battles in the Riverlands, offering advice, strategy, and anything else. Although her pleas and words were left unheard in the end, she still did all she could to protect and save her family. The North Remembers as does Lady Stoneheart.


Mother of Dragons

Daenerys Targaryen may not be a biological mother to her children, except, say, her dragons, but that does not change the fact that she is a mother to all who are subjugated.

“Leave me alone Mom!”

She is known for her kind yet fierce nature from the very beginning of the show. She quickly owns the role of Queen of the Khalasar and protects the innocent, young, old, and needy. This may have backfired with the old Maegi but Khaleesi is always looking out for those in need.


Maybe it is because she can no longer birth children but mother-like love for all those in bondage in Essos makes her a standout mother figure. She literally goes to war for her children and those children love their Mhysa for that. The Targ Queen may be having a tough time this season dealing with the Sons of the Harpy but she will always have the love of her freed sons and daughters. Hopefully.



The Walking Dead #123 Review

Following the events of issue 122, we find Negan’s camp preparing for their assault on Hilltop. I just want to take note of the cover. Dwight may betray Rick?Let’s find out.

The Walking Dead 123-000

The issue opens with Eugene being freed along with all those captured with him. They make their escape just as Negan is about to attack and a couple of Negan’s followers join them. They aren’t discussed in the rest of the issue at all and I’m curious as to where they went. Considering the impending battle, they could have made for zombie infested Alexandria but other than that, I don’t know where they could go. On the other side of the wall, the camp is eating dinner and we get a glimpse of how this war has changed some people. While conversing with Andrea, Maggie reveals how depressed and lonely she is (and will be). She feels there won’t be anyone else for her but I believe she is really still healing from the loss of Glenn. Time heals most wounds. We also see that Carl is in a sort of in between zone. He is neither child nor adult in this zombie apocalypse since he isn’t allowed to “be a kid” and he doesn’t gain the responsibility of the actual adults. He can’t even converse with Sophia, although she was always… loopy.

The Walking Dead 123-008

Rick also gives us a bit of his optimistic side which is abruptly interrupted by Negan’s assault. His strategy conserves bullets and results in a definite kill. As Negan’s men enter the camp, chaos takes over as Rick’s group is not completely prepared for such a sudden attack. Once again, Negan’s strategy to not let up or give them time to recover gives them an upper hand. He really is a smart militant character.

The Walking Dead 123-015

Amidst the chaos, Negan and Dwight flank Rick and have an open shot to take out the hero. Negan knows without Rick, the rest of the group can’t win this war and charges Dwight with taking out Rick with a mucked bolt.The cover really foreshadowed this event and we see where Dwight’s loyalty lies.

The Walking Dead 123-021

Now Dwight takes the shot but I’m having a hard time believing he used an altered bolt. Earlier in the issue he did make note of how they shouldn’t be altering the weight of the bolts and Negan had his back turned so there’s no way he could have known. If Dwight did take out Rick, there would be no way for him to be free of Negan as things would eventually go back to the way they were. We’ll see next issue.

The Walking Dead 123-022 Overall

A lot of action in this issue following the slower pace of #122. Rick suffers a potentially fatal wound in the battle at Hilltop which could shift the tide in Negan’s favor. With Negan’s men causing havoc in Hilltop, it’ll be interesting to see where Kirkman takes this war from here. Only three more issues until the arc is over and we’ll need some type of major change at the end of it.

 Negan: “What-the-Fuck-Ever. Christ”

7.5/10 Kittens

I do not claim the rights to these images. Images are from Image Comics “The Walking Dead”. For review purposes only. 

The Walking Dead 413 “Alone” Review

Episode 13 “Alone” follows the stories of honeymooners Beth and Daryl, and trio Bob, Maggie, and Sasha. I’ll break the episode down into two parts:

Bob, Maggie, and Sasha

The episode starts with a flashback with Bob before he joins the prison. I loved this since we haven’t seen much of Bob before he arrived. He was really lost beforehand and resorted to drinking cough syrup to get his fix. Fast forward to the present, Bob seems to be a changed man. He is optimistic and has really found a family in Maggie and Sasha.

The main beats of their episode were based around Sasha’s irrational rationality (if that makes sense), Maggie’s hopeful optimism, and Bob’s desire to stay together. Of course Maggie wants to find Glenn and assumes he would go to the sanctuary Terminus. Sasha’s disputes are reasonable to argue. How do they know Glenn made it out of the prison, let alone is even alive at that point? There is no guarantee that Terminus is even a “sanctuary” either. It could be deserted or full of cannibals.

I don’t understand why Sasha is so afraid, however. Tyreese is her last tie to the lost world so why wouldn’t she want to search for him however illogical? After Maggie ditches the crew to head to Terminus alone, it’s up to Bob to convince Sasha to chase after her. Although he fails to do so and eventually splits with Sasha, we learn a lot about him. He desperately wants to stay together having been alone and the lone survivor of two camps already. He’s found a family and has faith that they will find others while Sasha’s thrown in the towel. Her character was frustrating to watch this episode. When is it ever a good idea in a zombie apocalypse to decide to live on your own?! Finding Maggie amidst the zombies outside the building leads to a great action scene and the two heading out to reunite with Bob.

Beth and Daryl


Their half of the episode revolved around faith in humanity. The two find a funeral home where someone has been tending to the dead, restoring them to a more human-like appearance, and then burying them. Beth sees this as a sign that there are still good people in the world and their stay in the vacant funeral home brings out the nice side of Daryl again. I like their friendship/relationship although the age difference is creepy. Daryl seems to attract initially weak, softer women who become strong female characters. Their alone time is definitely bringing them closer as Daryl becomes less of a tough hard ass. Beth’s optimism is refreshing juxtaposed to Daryl’s realism.

This was a short lived “romance”.

While it was nice while it lasted, Daryl stupidly opens the door letting in a horde of zombies. The action scene was great but Daryl escapes to see Beth get kidnapped. Eventually the same group who raided Rick’s house a few episodes ago find Daryl at a crossroad, literal and metaphorical, and offer him a position in their group. I believe Daryl will stay with them long enough to find Beth but it will be interesting to see if he will return to his old ways or if he’ll stay the anti-hero we’ve come to love.

Notable Zombie Kill Scenes

  • The Fog scene. A great homage to classic horror movie scenes with the crew surrounded with little visibility by death.

  •  Maggie no parking kills. Remember to abide the law, even during the apocalypse.

Some Thoughts

  • Why doesn’t Maggie care about other important people from the prison like, let’s say her sister?
  • Where have Rick and Carl been the last two episodes?
  • Who was running the Funeral Home?
  • The show is obviously building up to a reunion at Terminus and the finale needs to solidify the build up.

I’m going to start reviewing the remainder of season four of The Walking Dead.

Images from AMC’s The Walking Dead. I do not own the rights nor claim them. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Read The Books Before Watching Game of Thrones

Books are wonderful, magical things, that transport us into completely different worlds. There are people who don’t read often and there are people who are awesome. BE AWESOME. TV and Film adaptations of books often don’t live up to the book or do them complete justice. Here are some of the reasons why you should read the books before watching its adaptation.

6.  You learn the Background History

There are always so many details in books and most have years of history woven into the stories. In A Song of Ice and Fire, there are literally thousands of years of history. Old Valyria, the legends of the Children of the Forest, the Andals, the Targaryen conquest, Robert’s Rebellion are all very important historical events or people that have influenced the show thus far. There are many interactions where characters discuss these tales in length so we can learn more about this fantasy world and while the show tries to cover most of the history, there is no way they could do that in the time frame allotted.

5. You notice the changes from book to screen

That is NOT Jeyne Westerling!

While the first season is pretty spot on with A Game of Thrones, the second and third season skew off course often. Characters’ paths change and chapters become merged when filmed. For example, Edric Storm, Robert Baratheon’s bastard doesn’t make it to the screen. His character is merged with Gendry’s. Tyrion is much uglier in the books and the characters are much younger. (as in appearance wise for their ages. What 16 looks like Richard Madden?) When you read the books, you notice the little things that are different on the show and get to decipher why.

4.  You care more for the characters. 

Characterization is such a vital aspect of stories. You come to care more for the characters since you invested so much time reading their backstories and you feel as though you are there with them. Even the characters you’ve come to hate, you’ll care more about them more since you’re basically in their head.

3.  You envision and create your own depictions

The best part about reading beforehand is you create your own versions of what everything looks and sounds like. There is no standard for what the characters look like. If you just watch the show, you wouldn’t know that Daario Naharis has a purple beard! But really, the greatest part is envisioning the characters, as in your versions, interacting. The creators did a great job with the appearance of most of the characters but nothing beats your own interpretations.

2. Inner Monologues are golden

Jon Snow inner monologue?

Jon Snow inner monologue?

Film and TV emphasize showing not saying so it’s hard to display the inner monologues the characters have. The actors try their best through expressing emotions and the writers try creative ways to show the same result but I love when the character is figuring out something in their head. Knowing exactly what they’re thinking and how much they know is great as it helps us learn more about the nature of the character and reveals information to move the plot.  

1.  Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue

If you’re like me and you watched GoT with your friends, you probably missed a lot of the dialogue. I had to watch the series all over again by myself to pick up everything that was said and to figure out what was going on. Because each episode is only an hour, much of the dialogue in the book is cut out or squeezed to fit in. The show brings up many interesting parts of the stories but either not enough light is shed upon them or the scene quickly changes.

Valar morghullis.

Eisenberg Cast as Lex Luthor in MOS Sequel

When I first got word that Lex Luthor had been casted in the upcoming MOS sequel I hoped I misread the text. While many were hoping for Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) the news came as a shocker when Jesse Eisenberg was reported to have the role. Talk about odd casting. 

Eisenberg, 30, is known for playing Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, roles in Adventureland, and Now You See Me. Director Zack Snyder definitely has pitted a young Lex Luthor to play opposite of Henry Cavill’s inexperienced Superman.

Zack Snyder had this to say about the casting:

“Lex Luthor is often considered the most notorious of Superman’s rivals, his unsavory reputation preceding him since 1940. What’s great about Lex is that he exists beyond the confines of the stereotypical nefarious villain. He’s a complicated and sophisticated character whose intellect, wealth and prominence position him as one of the few mortals able to challenge the incredible might of Superman. Having Jesse in the role allows us to explore that interesting dynamic, and also take the character in some new and unexpected directions.”

The Next Lex Luthor

The internet is raging once again as the casting options for Batman vs. Superman become stranger and stranger. Of course, there is an expected initial backlash but Eisenberg, really? While he has played “devilish geniuses with god complexes” before, I don’t think that’s what Lex Luthor ultimately is. Luthor is egotistical, highly intelligent, and xenophobic but he does also want the success of mankind by mankind. (He being the savior of mankind by ridding the world of Superman) Lex is a complicated character who isn’t the typical villain and I hope Eisenberg can handle the complexities of the character and the relationship he holds with Superman.

Jeremy Irons has been cast as Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Irons, 65, is an Oscar Winner and is remembered for such roles in Reversal of Fortune, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, and Dead Ringers. I can picture Irons portraying a seasoned Alfred. He may in fact live up to Michael Caine’s portrayal of the butler in Nolan’s Bat Trilogy.

Batman vs. Superman is slated to release May 6, 2016 and has already begun production. Check back for more updates on the film and casting news!


5 DC Animated Films That Should Happen

With Justice League: War releasing on DVD and Bluray February 4th, a new era of DC Animated movies will begin. War is an adaptation of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Origin arc of the Justice League’s formation and battle against Darkseid. The New 52 has had other great story lines that would be great as animated movies. Here are five comic arcs I’d love to see as future animated films!

Court of Owls/City of Owls- Batman

Written by Scott Snyder & Drawn by Greg Capullo

The New 52 launched Batman fighting different villains aside from the Usual Joker, Riddler, or Penguin. The Court of Owls, a secret society that has been around as long as Gotham, was once a children’s tale but Batman soon comes to realize how real they are. When Bruce Wayne and numerous prominent city officials are attacked the Court’s assassinators, the Talons, it takes everything Batman has in him to stop them and save Gotham.

Court of OWls

What makes these arcs great, which could be made into a two part movie deal, is that Batman is tested in every way possible. The sheer number of Talon’s and the Court’s grasp on the city make Batman’s task that much more difficult. The arc also crosses over into the various Bat titles and we even find out a certain Boy Wonder was supposed to be a Talon.

The First Born- Wonder Woman 


Written by Brian Azzarello & Drawn by

The New 52’s Wonder Woman has been brilliant. It’s an independent comic book with one great story arc essentially. The writing is humorous and you come to care about the characters and the mythology behind them.

Shortly after we see Zeus’ last born child, we find out the God is dead and there is a battle for the throne of Olympus. Wonder Woman is charged with protecting the baby and his mother Zola from harm since the Gods fear a prophecy which states the child would be the demise of Olympus. IF that wasn’t difficult enough, the First Born child of Zeus escapes and WW has to battle him!

What’s Great about the series

  • Wonder Woman battling Hades, Poseidon, Apollo, the First Born
  • The Greek Mythology
  • Strong Female Character

Death of the Family- Batman

Written by Scott Snyder & Drawn by Greg Capullo

The return of the Joker in the New 52 is nothing short of spectacular. The prelude begins with the Joker being imprisoned, escaping, and a present being left in his cell, his face. After a year long absence, the Joker is just as twisted as ever, if not more and returns to Gotham reliving memorable battles against Batman. The events that ensue involve everyone Batman cares about as the Joker tries to eliminate what he deems Batman’s weakness.


The whole Bat Family is in danger with Joker loose and scheming. This would be a very adult story but great none the less. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you get to it so you can see how brilliant yet sick the Joker truly is.

Death of a King- Aquaman

Initially I was going to put Throne of Atlantis but I believe that will be made or is being made into the next DCA film. The arc that follows is just as good so it substitutes well. At any rate, the Death of a King explains the origin of Atlantis, the first king, and Aquaman’s true affiliation with the throne. The First King comes back to claim what is his and Arthur learns the truth hidden from all of Atlantis.

Geoff Johns run on Aquaman was amazing and really gave the character the respect he deserves. Most have a new found appreciation for Aquaman and that is a big reason why Arthur Curry should get the movie treatment DC’s Trinity has.

Forever Evil

With the appearance of the Crime Syndicate, Earth 3’s evil Justice League counterparts, and the subsequent disappearance of the Justice League, the world spirals into chaos. An unlikely team of surviving heroes and villains band together to end the Crime Syndicate’s reign.

Earth’s Hope

What’s Great about the Series

  • Lex Luthor, Batman, and other villains battling for Earth’s Survival
  • Forever Evil Tie ins: A.R.G.U.S., Arkham War, and Rogues Rebellion
  • Legitimate Consequences

I think this would be a great animated movie since it doesn’t focus on the usual popular characters as much. It would be refreshing for the focus to be less on the main members of the Justice League and more towards antiheroes like Lex Luthor and company.