The Legend of Korra “The Ultimatum” Review

As Ba Sing Se falls into chaos after the Earth Queen’s demise, Mako and Bolin must find Korra to deliver a message from Zaheer.

Zaheer removed the Earth Queen from power in a pretty brutal way last episode and the aftermath resulted in the city rioting. Guards and citizens alike can be seen looting everywhere as Mako and Bolin search for a way out of Ba Sing Se. The duo makes a short stop to retrieve their family and head off to find Korra. Bolin is known for his humor and lightheartedness but relays some insight into what makes a home a home. It was a nice switch from his usual jokes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.31.43 PM

The gang reunites and heads to the Metal City to warn the Northern Air Temple that Zaheer is on his way. I thought it was cool how everyone contributed something to help stop Zaheer. Korra’s trip to the Spirit World was not what she intended but she did meet a special friend who pointed her in the right direction. Lord Zuko and Korra’s discussion on what Aang would do didn’t prove too helpful to me. He pretty much played both sides of the coin in his response. I really like that Korra is without her former lives advice. It makes all her decisions her decisions. She has to use her own judgment to solve the world’s problems. Once the Northern Air Temple was reached, Tenzin relays that it’s too late. Now the episode really gets good.

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Zaheer rounds up the Air Benders but Tenzin does everything in his power to save the day. There are some beautiful action sequences which really display the movements of each Bender. Tenzin moves like a leaf on the wind while battling Zaheer, who sort of airjumps from spot to spot. Kya and Boomi both try to hold their own against Zaheer’s companions but both prove outmatched.

Kai tries to distract Combustion Woman so the Air Bender could reach the bison but is unable to distract her long enough. I wondered who was steering the Air Ship since she was near the hangar door. Also, why didn’t the Air benders air bend to safety? They could have air jumped to the bison or split up to confuse her. At any rate, everyone is defeated but Tenzin, who had Zaheer on the ropes. If he wasn’t jumped, I think Tenzin would have been able to hold off Zaheer long enough, if not defeat him. He truly is an Air bending master although in the past I’ve questioned his abilities. I really enjoyed Tenzin’s “Til the last breath mentality”. He had no intentions of standing down.

Korra and Team Avatar will be heading to meet Zaheer in the Northern Air Temple and I can’t wait to see what Zaheer has in store for Korra.


Overall Points:

  • Some great dialogue from Bolin
  • Tenzin really proves his mastery of Air Bending
  • Beautiful fight scenes


8.5/10 Flying Bison


Injustice: Gods Among Us #18 Review

Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Two (2014-) 018-000

After significantly weakening the Sinestro Corps., Batman and the Resistance look to push the ground assault into full effect.

Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Two (2014-) 018-005

The Green Lanterns had a great plan to draw out the Sinestro Corps and Superman’s forces to meet on the outskirts of Earth. It served a great attack and distract as the ground forces moved into position. Commissioner Gordon’s team quickly gets into position to execute the next part of their plan. Harley Quinn really serves as a wild card who could make or break the operation. Luckily her actions didn’t foil their plans.

Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Two (2014-) 018-012

I like that Luthor is always helping out the resistance. If it wasn’t for him, the resistance would have been defeated from the start. He secretly tries to manipulate Cyborg and influence the league members throughout the story and I love seeing Luthor doing something good for humanity’s sake.

Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Two (2014-) 018-015

There was a great interaction between Robin and Catwoman as the two are finally reunited after Nightwing’s death. Robin tries to get into Catwoman’s head after she takes out the Flash but she responds well. Damian never truly was a good complimentary partner for Batman.

Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Two (2014-) 018-017


After Luthor surrenders, He speaks with Gordon and reveals that he is the inside man along with his knowledge of Oracle’s identity. Gordon prepares for the Air Assault as he pretends to hold Luthor hostage to get aboard the watchtower. I’m really going to enjoy what happens next as Gordon looks to push the fight onto their home territory.


Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Two (2014-) 018-021


Overall Highlights:

  • Nice consistent artwork
  • Luthor being the good guy!
  • Catwoman punishing Robin


8/10 Super Pills

Legend of Korra: “The Stakeout” Review

After leaving the Metal City, the group is hot on the trails of Aiwei as they look to understand why Zaheer is after Korra.

The team follows Aiwei to a small village called, Misty Palms Oasis. They learn of a planned meeting with Zaheer so they decide to tail Aiwei until Zaheer appears at the meeting. Mako’s police skills were in full effect as he quickly organized the group into teams and continued with plans accordingly. He and Korra have an interesting dynamic as she prefers to be direct and blunt while he is more reserved and patient.


Ting Ting

I love how Bolin always provides the comic relief throughout the episode. The undercover identities (Ting Ting), Pai Sho games with Assami, and signing autographs with fans make a less interesting plot bearable. Bolin said it best, “I thought stakeouts were supposed to be fun?” When the group discovers the meeting takes place in the Spirit World, Korra heads in to intercept.

After Zaheer disposes of the loose end, Aiwei, he tells Korra everything she wants to know. We find out Zaheer and his team, along with Unalaq are members of the Red Lotus, a rogue faction broken off from the White Lotus order. In cliche fashion, we learn the Red Lotus and Zaheer are out to restore the world to its natural state, chaos. While that is sort of cheesy, I was very impressed with Zaheer’s ability to not only navigate the Spirit World, but communicate in the Physical World simultaneously. Korra has much to learn if she wishes to combat such a skilled threat.

Zaheer sends “Lava Guy” and “Water Arms” to capture Korra as he distracts her. This provided the only action in the episode as we see Bolin and Mako go toe to toe with the Red Lotus members. They were clearly outmatched as the brothers were quickly knocked unconscious or incapacitated. Why would Bolin jump in a pool of water while battling a Water bender?! Assami appeared to escape with Korra’s body but they are captured by the Earth Queen’s men while Mako and Bolin are being held captive by Zaheer. Looks like the gang is heading back to Ba Sing Se.

Overall, the episode served as a means to push forth the plot. We learned a lot about Zaheer and the Red Lotus and what their plans are. I can’t wait for the next episode to be released!


7/10 Bolin Dolls