Nickelodeon Pulls Legend of Korra

Earlier today, co-creator Bryan Konietzko of Legend of Korra announced that the show will be moving completing to digital distribution. The show will air one episode Friday night and the remainder of the season will be available for viewing in the subsequent weeks through, Amazon and various other online platforms. With this major shift for the series, many questions have risen revolving around how long the show will last.

The ratings for the Friday night slot weren’t very high which may have caused the shift. The low ratings may be in part to the fact that the only place to view the episodes was on Nick since the episodes weren’t being put on the website. Fewer and fewer people are actively watching television and watching when episodes first premiere so this shift may allow LOK to be more accessible and increase viewership.

I think the shift could be beneficial to the Legend of Korra. People are tending to prefer online video service sites like Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon to consume media at any time and any where. The fact that Korra is moving to digital could improve ratings and increase popularity. Regardless of how the remainder of the season’s ratings turns out, the show will be returning for a fourth season.


More information will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con during the Legend of Korra panel.


Legend of Korra “Old Wounds” Review

“Old Wounds” picks up right where things left off in the Metal City. This episode really focused on Chief Beifong and what caused the strain in her relationship with her sister, Suyin.

We get many glimpses in the past through Beifong’s acupuncture therapy. I really enjoyed seeing the effects of Toph’s parenting style on the kids. Lin, seeking attention and acceptance from her mother, follows a similar path and heads into law enforcement. Contrastingly, her sister, Suyin, seeks attention by acting out, which leads to her skipping school and hanging out with criminals. As time progressed, they ended up meeting on opposites sides of the law in Republic City. We find out how Lin gets her scar and why Suyin ended up traveling the world.

Young Lin


Back in the present, we see the effects the therapy is having on Lin as she tries to fight her past’s emergence and bury her feelings. Her delusional state causes her to have hallucinations and eventually leads to a sister-sister fight we’ve been waiting for. I loved seeing Beifong pushed over the edge. (Pulled the Tenzin bit out which was a low blow!) There was a lot of great action between the metalbending and earthbending in the courtyard. After it was stopped by the voice of reason, Opal, and Beifong rests for 16 hours(!!) she comes to her senses and squashes her issues with Suyin. It was a nice heart to heart moment and now they’re almost BFF’s.

Round One: FIGHT

Another highlight of the episode was Korra learning to metalbend. THE first Avatar to metalbend! Maybe she’ll learn to bloodbend or the lightning technique. Anyway, she picked it up extremely fast, which really bothered Bolin, who’s tried many times before with no success. I like how Opal and Bolin’s relationship arc is improving as they grow closer and reveal deeper aspirations. I’m sure Bolin will master the techniques soon enough.


Achievement unlocked


ALSO HOW DID ZAHEER LOCATE KORRA? He knows a lot more than he appears and is capable of a great deal. Can’t wait to find out how!


  • Korra Metalbending
  • Sister Sister Fight
  • Bolin and Opal being all cute
  • Zaheer Zen Abilities


9/10 Metalbenders