Game of Thrones 401 Two Swords Review

Game of Thrones has finally returned after a year long break. The premiere “Two Swords” picks up right after the events of the third season following the Red Wedding. We’ll look at the episode based on locations.


Kings Landing


The majority of the episode took place in the capital where most believe the war to be over. With Robb Stark dead, Stannis smashed at the Blackwater, and Renly dead, the War of the Five Kings is all but over. The episode begins with the reforging of House Stark’s Valyrian steel sword, Ice. This was a tough scene to watch as the family sword of the House Stark is transformed into two swords for House Lannister. Although it hasn’t been highlighted much in the show, Valyrian steel forged swords are extremely rare and the Lannisters have been without one for centuries. Lord Tywin finally gets something he’s desired to add to the Lannister legacy and it reminds us how evil he is. (melting down what little remained of House Stark and destroying their own legacy)

“You’re too late”

Jamie has finally returned to the city and can resume his old life, or so he thought. Cersei has all but forsaken Jamie for “abandoning her” in her in her time of need. Their relationship will be rocky throughout the season and will only deteriorate as Jamie tries to become a better man and Cersei, well, becomes a lunatic. Jamie also has to adjust to his new gold hand and sword, Oathkeeper. I like how Jamie is slowly becoming a better person to create a better legacy and name for himself in the White Book. It was a nice nod to see the historical book of the Kingsguard referenced and was even nicer seeing Joffrey acknowledge Jamie’s lack of notable deeds.

“The Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts”

The Red Viper was introduced and we get a glimpse as to why he has arrived in King’s Landing in place of his brother, Doran Martell. Oberyn will be seeking justice for past crimes unanswered for which will surely stir things up in the city. Oberyn is definitely one of my favorite characters and his vendetta against the Lannisters is one reason why!


The North

Jon Snow has matured a lot since we last saw, although he still knows nothing. He’s hardened and is no longer a green boy who joined the Night’s Watch. After learning of his brother’s death, he responds very indifferently. Shortly after, Snow meets with the council of the Night’s Watch to discuss his actions with the wildlings. Janos Slynt is at now at the wall (thanks to Tyrion) and Alliser Thorne has returned so Jon now has two enemies to look out for. I like how Jon spoke truthfully and was honest about everything he did and what was to come in the future. The Wall may be in trouble when the wildlings arrive. The old and wise Maester Aemon had some sweet lines during the council meeting which brought about some laughter in my apartment.


The Riverlands

We learned the Hound is taking Arya to the Eerie to ransom her to her aunt Lysa. I have to say their scenes are great! The Hound saying “What the fuck is a Lommy?” was hilarious!! Arya got to cross one name off of her hit list (Polliver) and his death was a nice nod to how Polliver killed Lommy. Although it was brief, everything from the battle to the two conversing in the bushes was amazing. They could have their own mini-series. I’d definitely watch “The Adventures of Arya and the Hound”!



Things had a much slower pace than how the show usually is but the momentum will pick up with the feuding Martells and Tyrells in King’s Landing, the wildlings dilemma escalating in the North, and the Purple Wedding right around in the corner.

“Fuck the King.”

8/10 Chickens