The Walking Dead Episode 414 Review


“The Grove” focuses on Carol and Tyreese this time around as they continue their trek to Terminus. They find an abandoned house to rest up in and that’s when things get interesting. Lizzie and Mika are really highlighted in this episode and how they feel about killing Walkers and people. Tyreese and Carol’s impending conflict is also foreshadowed as Carol’s guilt grows.

Lizzie and Mika

As many of us have seen, Lizzie has a very different understanding of the Walkers. While she isn’t afraid of killing people she is opposed to killing Walkers since they are her “friends”. Lizzie has a very obscure perception of the dead, viewing them as non-harmful or really threatening. On the other hand, Mika understands how dangerous the dead are but does not want to harm anything. This presents a problem for the girls and Carol since she knows they have to kill to survive. In that world, there’s no room for people who can’t kill or those who have a twisted perception of what Walkers are.

Lizzies decision to kill Mika as a means to display her beliefs was horrifying and sad. It was a nod to the comics when one of the twins, Billy, murders his brother for a similar reason. That scene was such a tough moment. It was beautifully shot and the present danger for the well-being of everyone in the group was now in danger. Who’s to say baby Judith wasn’t next to die for Lizzie to prove her point? And I think that’s why Carol knew she had to do what was necessary for the group.

Although Carl kills the murderer in the comics it is Carol who carries out the deed in the show. You could tell it was tough for Carol to kill Lizzie since she was a mother-like figure to the girl. However, Carol has killed for the “greater good” before and is now a hardened character. The scene was also a nice allusion to Of Mice and Men when George has to kill Lenny. Lizzie just could not live in that world.


Carol and Tyreese

Tyreese was happy to see a familiar face in Carol when she first arrived a few episodes ago. That causes Carol’s guilt to grow as Tyreese confides in her and opens up about the loss of Karen. Talk about awkward. After multiple conversations in which Tyreese discusses Karen, his comfort and trust in Carol, and the idea of avenging Karen, Carol breaks down. I think that was impart to the deaths of Lizzie and Mika. She was pretty distraught afterwards and even tells Tyreese to do what he needed to do. I assumed Tyreese would forgive Carol in that moment but I don’t think he would have back at the prison. The wound heals with time and his time with Carol has affected his outlook.

It’s a shame the whole staying at the house idea didn’t work. It was pretty secluded and their was game present to hunt but after the children’s death it was the right decision to continue on to Terminus. They couldn’t stay there anymore. I really enjoyed Mika and Lizzie’s performance’s and the growth of Tyreese’s character.


You did what?

Last Points

Mika, nice guys finish last.

Glad we found out Lizzie was feeding the Walkers and dissected the rabbit at the prison.

“Look at the Flowers”.


9/10 Flowers


Injustice Year Two #5 Review

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 005-000

Chapter 5 entitled Confrontation first displays Superman’s backstory as the first half of the chapter focuses on Krypton’s impending doom. I wasn’t a fan of the artwork but  you can really see the emotions of Jor-El and Lara-El before Krypton is destroyed.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 005-014

The latter half of the issue focused on the confrontation foreshadowed up until this point. Although the Guardians seek to advise Superman to cease his reign, it’s clear he is well beyond stopping voluntarily. Superman is no longer the beacon of light and morality of his previous years. I like how Superman notes that the Guardians choose to intervene some times while letting things run their course other times. The Guardians could have intervened and possibly saved Krypton but let their leaders do what they thought best. While that could happen on Earth eventually, that is up to the people of Earth to decide. Without Superman.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 005-021

Sinestro’s alliance with Superman is clever since he also decided to rule his own planet but was hindered by the Guardians. Sinestro is obviously seeks to display the Guardians in utter most negative light and it works when Superman realizes his planet could have lived. Although Superman mistrusts the Yellow Lantern, he will need him and Superman and Sinestro could be rid of the Guardians in the forthcoming conflict.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 005-020

This arc is greatly centered around the heroes outside of Earth with Batman out of commission and will mostly likely lead to a battle between the Guardians/Green Lanterns and Superman. But where will Hal Jordan side? In Issue Four, Jordan lectures Congress on doing their duty and notes how he does his but his allegiance to the Guardians may be diminishing. At the end of the issue, he does leave with the Guardians but I’m not convinced he’s siding against Superman. While sympathizing with former teammates and allies, he’s been leaning with Superman in the end. We’ll see where his allegiance is in the next issue as the GL’s head back to Oa to discuss their course of action.



  • (+) Ganthet being Bad Ass
  • (+) Superman noting flawed logic of the Guardians
  • (-) Decent artwork

6.5/10 GL’s

The Walking Dead #123 Review

Following the events of issue 122, we find Negan’s camp preparing for their assault on Hilltop. I just want to take note of the cover. Dwight may betray Rick?Let’s find out.

The Walking Dead 123-000

The issue opens with Eugene being freed along with all those captured with him. They make their escape just as Negan is about to attack and a couple of Negan’s followers join them. They aren’t discussed in the rest of the issue at all and I’m curious as to where they went. Considering the impending battle, they could have made for zombie infested Alexandria but other than that, I don’t know where they could go. On the other side of the wall, the camp is eating dinner and we get a glimpse of how this war has changed some people. While conversing with Andrea, Maggie reveals how depressed and lonely she is (and will be). She feels there won’t be anyone else for her but I believe she is really still healing from the loss of Glenn. Time heals most wounds. We also see that Carl is in a sort of in between zone. He is neither child nor adult in this zombie apocalypse since he isn’t allowed to “be a kid” and he doesn’t gain the responsibility of the actual adults. He can’t even converse with Sophia, although she was always… loopy.

The Walking Dead 123-008

Rick also gives us a bit of his optimistic side which is abruptly interrupted by Negan’s assault. His strategy conserves bullets and results in a definite kill. As Negan’s men enter the camp, chaos takes over as Rick’s group is not completely prepared for such a sudden attack. Once again, Negan’s strategy to not let up or give them time to recover gives them an upper hand. He really is a smart militant character.

The Walking Dead 123-015

Amidst the chaos, Negan and Dwight flank Rick and have an open shot to take out the hero. Negan knows without Rick, the rest of the group can’t win this war and charges Dwight with taking out Rick with a mucked bolt.The cover really foreshadowed this event and we see where Dwight’s loyalty lies.

The Walking Dead 123-021

Now Dwight takes the shot but I’m having a hard time believing he used an altered bolt. Earlier in the issue he did make note of how they shouldn’t be altering the weight of the bolts and Negan had his back turned so there’s no way he could have known. If Dwight did take out Rick, there would be no way for him to be free of Negan as things would eventually go back to the way they were. We’ll see next issue.

The Walking Dead 123-022 Overall

A lot of action in this issue following the slower pace of #122. Rick suffers a potentially fatal wound in the battle at Hilltop which could shift the tide in Negan’s favor. With Negan’s men causing havoc in Hilltop, it’ll be interesting to see where Kirkman takes this war from here. Only three more issues until the arc is over and we’ll need some type of major change at the end of it.

 Negan: “What-the-Fuck-Ever. Christ”

7.5/10 Kittens

I do not claim the rights to these images. Images are from Image Comics “The Walking Dead”. For review purposes only. 

Walking Dead 122 Review

The Walking Dead 122-000

The Walking Dead issue 122 picks up with Eugene being held at the Saviors camp. In the previous issue, Eugene and all those working at the ammunition station were captured by Negan. Inside man Dwight talks with Eugene to make sure he doesn’t try anything to get himself killed. It’s been hard to tell whose side Dwight is really on. He’s been trying to help when he can but his alliance is shaky at best. Dwight ends up being overheard by another member who to his surprise wants to help. That goes to show that Negan scares his people and they would rather have someone else in the leadership position.

The Walking Dead 122-005

Back at the Hilltop, the people of Alexandria are just getting settled in, while Maggie adjusts to her leadership position. It’s obvious that Maggie’s seen what is required of the leader having been with Rick for so long. It’s no wonder why she isn’t sure she wants to be known as the leader but she is one of the best choices for the position. Ezekiel’s camp, the Kingdom, also move to consolidate all of their forces in one central place. Basically, there was a lot of downtime at Hilltop as the large group was adjusting to the changes and planning their next move.

The Walking Dead 122-007

We get to see how the characters are adjusting to the changes caused by the war. Heath deals with Denise’s death but I don’t feel like her character was that significant. She was a doctor but there have been countless losses and hers was not a heart wrenching moment. (I do understand how in the apocalypse, your love options are that much slimmer though.) Ezekiel is finally out of the dumps and decides he’s going to protect those still around him. It’s about damn time. It was annoying seeing him so weak.

The Walking Dead 122-009

Rick also tells the group he plans on eventually moving back to Alexandria once the war is over. In the last issue while packing to leave for Hilltop, Rick leaves the iconic telephone he used to “talk” to Lori. We thought it was a sign that he was leaving that chapter behind him but maybe it was temporary since he’ll be returning later on.  Now over at Negan’s camp, he has a new strategy utilizing the fact that everyone is infected to his advantage. By taking the blood/”muck” from the dead and putting it on their weapons, even the slightest scrape or cut will eventually turn his adversaries into the Dead. It’s a pretty smart move that uses what resources they have considering ammunition will always be limited. His character is so unpredictable and sick you can’t help but love him.

The Walking Dead 122-015

Rick’s new plan requires at least a day to prepare for Negan’s next attack but we know they won’t have that time. It’ll be interesting to see how the crew deals with Negan in their unprepared state.

The Walking Dead 122-021

Last Points

Although the issue wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t very action driven. A lot of down time and a slight build up to the next issue.

6/10 puppies

The Walking Dead 413 “Alone” Review

Episode 13 “Alone” follows the stories of honeymooners Beth and Daryl, and trio Bob, Maggie, and Sasha. I’ll break the episode down into two parts:

Bob, Maggie, and Sasha

The episode starts with a flashback with Bob before he joins the prison. I loved this since we haven’t seen much of Bob before he arrived. He was really lost beforehand and resorted to drinking cough syrup to get his fix. Fast forward to the present, Bob seems to be a changed man. He is optimistic and has really found a family in Maggie and Sasha.

The main beats of their episode were based around Sasha’s irrational rationality (if that makes sense), Maggie’s hopeful optimism, and Bob’s desire to stay together. Of course Maggie wants to find Glenn and assumes he would go to the sanctuary Terminus. Sasha’s disputes are reasonable to argue. How do they know Glenn made it out of the prison, let alone is even alive at that point? There is no guarantee that Terminus is even a “sanctuary” either. It could be deserted or full of cannibals.

I don’t understand why Sasha is so afraid, however. Tyreese is her last tie to the lost world so why wouldn’t she want to search for him however illogical? After Maggie ditches the crew to head to Terminus alone, it’s up to Bob to convince Sasha to chase after her. Although he fails to do so and eventually splits with Sasha, we learn a lot about him. He desperately wants to stay together having been alone and the lone survivor of two camps already. He’s found a family and has faith that they will find others while Sasha’s thrown in the towel. Her character was frustrating to watch this episode. When is it ever a good idea in a zombie apocalypse to decide to live on your own?! Finding Maggie amidst the zombies outside the building leads to a great action scene and the two heading out to reunite with Bob.

Beth and Daryl


Their half of the episode revolved around faith in humanity. The two find a funeral home where someone has been tending to the dead, restoring them to a more human-like appearance, and then burying them. Beth sees this as a sign that there are still good people in the world and their stay in the vacant funeral home brings out the nice side of Daryl again. I like their friendship/relationship although the age difference is creepy. Daryl seems to attract initially weak, softer women who become strong female characters. Their alone time is definitely bringing them closer as Daryl becomes less of a tough hard ass. Beth’s optimism is refreshing juxtaposed to Daryl’s realism.

This was a short lived “romance”.

While it was nice while it lasted, Daryl stupidly opens the door letting in a horde of zombies. The action scene was great but Daryl escapes to see Beth get kidnapped. Eventually the same group who raided Rick’s house a few episodes ago find Daryl at a crossroad, literal and metaphorical, and offer him a position in their group. I believe Daryl will stay with them long enough to find Beth but it will be interesting to see if he will return to his old ways or if he’ll stay the anti-hero we’ve come to love.

Notable Zombie Kill Scenes

  • The Fog scene. A great homage to classic horror movie scenes with the crew surrounded with little visibility by death.

  •  Maggie no parking kills. Remember to abide the law, even during the apocalypse.

Some Thoughts

  • Why doesn’t Maggie care about other important people from the prison like, let’s say her sister?
  • Where have Rick and Carl been the last two episodes?
  • Who was running the Funeral Home?
  • The show is obviously building up to a reunion at Terminus and the finale needs to solidify the build up.

I’m going to start reviewing the remainder of season four of The Walking Dead.

Images from AMC’s The Walking Dead. I do not own the rights nor claim them. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Read The Books Before Watching Game of Thrones

Books are wonderful, magical things, that transport us into completely different worlds. There are people who don’t read often and there are people who are awesome. BE AWESOME. TV and Film adaptations of books often don’t live up to the book or do them complete justice. Here are some of the reasons why you should read the books before watching its adaptation.

6.  You learn the Background History

There are always so many details in books and most have years of history woven into the stories. In A Song of Ice and Fire, there are literally thousands of years of history. Old Valyria, the legends of the Children of the Forest, the Andals, the Targaryen conquest, Robert’s Rebellion are all very important historical events or people that have influenced the show thus far. There are many interactions where characters discuss these tales in length so we can learn more about this fantasy world and while the show tries to cover most of the history, there is no way they could do that in the time frame allotted.

5. You notice the changes from book to screen

That is NOT Jeyne Westerling!

While the first season is pretty spot on with A Game of Thrones, the second and third season skew off course often. Characters’ paths change and chapters become merged when filmed. For example, Edric Storm, Robert Baratheon’s bastard doesn’t make it to the screen. His character is merged with Gendry’s. Tyrion is much uglier in the books and the characters are much younger. (as in appearance wise for their ages. What 16 looks like Richard Madden?) When you read the books, you notice the little things that are different on the show and get to decipher why.

4.  You care more for the characters. 

Characterization is such a vital aspect of stories. You come to care more for the characters since you invested so much time reading their backstories and you feel as though you are there with them. Even the characters you’ve come to hate, you’ll care more about them more since you’re basically in their head.

3.  You envision and create your own depictions

The best part about reading beforehand is you create your own versions of what everything looks and sounds like. There is no standard for what the characters look like. If you just watch the show, you wouldn’t know that Daario Naharis has a purple beard! But really, the greatest part is envisioning the characters, as in your versions, interacting. The creators did a great job with the appearance of most of the characters but nothing beats your own interpretations.

2. Inner Monologues are golden

Jon Snow inner monologue?

Jon Snow inner monologue?

Film and TV emphasize showing not saying so it’s hard to display the inner monologues the characters have. The actors try their best through expressing emotions and the writers try creative ways to show the same result but I love when the character is figuring out something in their head. Knowing exactly what they’re thinking and how much they know is great as it helps us learn more about the nature of the character and reveals information to move the plot.  

1.  Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue

If you’re like me and you watched GoT with your friends, you probably missed a lot of the dialogue. I had to watch the series all over again by myself to pick up everything that was said and to figure out what was going on. Because each episode is only an hour, much of the dialogue in the book is cut out or squeezed to fit in. The show brings up many interesting parts of the stories but either not enough light is shed upon them or the scene quickly changes.

Valar morghullis.