Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer

GoTYesterday, HBO released the first trailer for Season Four of Game of Thrones.  First off, everything looks amazing. Heres the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

Now, I’m currently reading a Clash of Kings so this won’t have any spoilers. 

The first shot of a city with the shadow of a dragon looked epic and the threat of the Mother of Dragon continues to grow. I love her character and Clarke does a great job in the role. She is compassionate while fierce and stern when need be. Season Three left off with Danaerys now gaining an entire city of newly freed slaves. It’ll be interesting to see where she heads next.


There is also a gigantic wedding that will take place in Season Four. King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell will wed in this season and I’m sure that will serve as a distraction to the chaos. Joffrey is such a hatable dude. Everything he does or says I just despise. Jack Gleeson is excellent and portrays the character very true to the books. A notable Martell will be in attendance and has some words with Tyrion. Speaking of the Imp, Tyrion seems to be in some sort of trouble. Well, he’s always in some trouble but this one is different. Will he finally meet his demise? He now has two main squeezes. Shae, the prostitute, and Sansa Stark, the oldest Stark that remains.

Jaime, the one-handed Kingslayer, is going to be fitted with a golden hand. Are the Lannisters really that rich? What I really want to see in Season Four is the path that Arya and Jon Snow take. Arya is losing family members left and right and there aren’t that many Starks left. Although we haven’t really seen many Wildling and Crow conflicts, the trailer showed an ensuing battle. Jon has people he cares for on both sides and last we saw so we’ll see where he really stands. Last we saw of Snow, he suffered serious wounds due to his girlfriend shooting him in the back. Tough Love. “You know nothing John Snuhh” 


Author George R.R. Martin said that there will be an even bigger battle to take place this time around so that should great. Let it be noted that the Show runners have strayed away from the source material for Season Three and Season Four may follow that trend. We’ll just have to wait and see when Game of Thrones returns on April 6th.



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  1. You have made my year with this!

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